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What's this about?

What's New?

What's here?

Short essays of mine, none over five pages, mostly text with a good dose of links. I don't have many pictures on this site at the moment, and just a touch of CGI.
Follow the links above, and be ready... some bits appear in more than one place. If your browser supports caching and displaying visited links differently, turn both features on. There is also a table of contents if the subject web above doesn't grab you, and a glossary as well..

Why "Unreal"?

  1. Computer programs barely exist.
  2. Websurfers need to remember that websurfing is not a real life.
  3. Some of this stuff is unreal!
  4. Making computers relevant is the hardest challenge of all.

Who's responsible?

(This is me, and this is my sweetie :-)

Where next?

There are plenty of links from my bits above. In a hurry? You could go to my hotlist. I also have an in-progress page (for what it's worth, which is not very much since most of these ideas have been sitting quietly since 1995 :-)  But that's OK--life is good anyway!)

Is that all?

No, there's one last thing:
Thanks for stopping by!

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